Reclaim your vitality and feel your best

Exhaustion robs many women of the energy they need to engage with family, work, and personal care.

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  • overwhelm preventing you from taking action?
  • brain fog impacting your work and causing worry?
  • memory lapses making you seem uncaring to loved ones?
  • unexpected outbursts or temper affecting relationships?
  • sleep issues, waking up between 2-3 am and feeling more stressed?
  • digestive problems like constipation or diarrhea?
  • stiffness and muscle aches hindering daily activities?
  • persistent weight gain despite numerous diet and exercise?

You deserve to rise stronger after every challenge.

Feel Comfortable in Your Body


Truly nourish your body so
you can feel at home in
yourself once again.

Wake Up Refreshed and Energized


Enjoy rejuvenating sleep
every night and start each
day full of vitality.

Enjoy Physical and Emotional Balance

Enhance resilience so you can
stay strong through life's

I get it. Burnout is debilitating.

The founder of Design One Wellness Tara

I know you want to be a vibrant, healthy woman. In order to do that, you need to overcome burnout and get back to feeling your best. The problem is, many health programs offer generic solutions that
don’t consider your individual needs and circumstances. This can leave you feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, and even more disconnected from your body’s true needs.

I believe every woman has a unique path to vibrancy and health. That’s why I've dedicated the last 15 years to crafting personalized strategies, delving into the root cause of burnout, and teaching women tailored models of self-care that work.

Here’s how my approach is unique:

  • Guided Wisdom: Every step of the way, you'll have a seasoned expert by your side, ensuring you never feel lost or alone.
  • Beyond Symptoms: I don't just treat the surface. We'll dig deep, uncovering the root cause behind your challenges and guiding you toward lasting solutions.
  • Manageable Methods: My strategies are designed to be digestible and practical, so you never feel overwhelmed or burdened.

You deserve to shine in authentic health and vitality. Ready to embark on your rejuvenation journey?

Signed by Tara


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Nutrition® Certification


Years Focusing on Health

Here's how it works

1. Book a Discovery Call


We’ll talk about your health
challenges and goals and see if
we’re a good fit.

2. Receive a Personalized Health Plan


You’ll get a roadmap to optimize
food, sleep and movement, while
decreasing stress and toxins.

3. Get Back to Feeling Your Best


Know exactly what your body
needs to feel your best so you can
navigate whatever life brings you.



Comprehensive health assessment through in-depth questionnaires, with optional lab testing for a deeper

Six one-on-one sessions over 3 months, guiding you through tailored health strategies based on your current health status.


Detailed insight into your health via functional lab tests and questionnaires, focusing on hormones, immune system, digestion, and detox.

Personalized health-building program over 11 sessions across 6-8 months, ensuring support and accountability for effective lifestyle changes.

Total Transformation

Thorough health investigation using functional lab tests and questionnaires, diving deeper into potential imbalances in hormones, detox, digestion, and immune functions.

Customized food lists, transformative coaching, and lifestyle recommendations across 14 sessions over 9-12 months for a holistic health overhaul.

Don’t let yourself sink further into exhaustion and overwhelm.

Together, we'll tackle burnout head-on.

We'll find what works best for you, so you don't feel so tired all the
time or waste money on things that don't really help. Then we’ll craft
a self-care routine that allows you to enjoy a vibrant life again.

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Are you ready to transform your life?

Clean Eating is the best way to create a lifestyle focused on health and well-being. It nourishes your body and makes you feel good about the decisions you make for your body on a daily basis.