My Courses

Mastering Your Afternoon Energy

Get the free 3-day training that gives you the secret to increased energy levels and productivity.  Power through your afternoons with renewed energy and focus.

You’ll get my Top 10 Favorite Recipes eBook, Food and Body Language Log, exercise guide, hydration tracker, and actionable steps to transform your afternoons.


Revive, Recharge, Renew

A 90-day wellness coaching experience designed to help you turn frustration and fatigue into your healthiest life ever.

This comprehensive online course is designed specifically for women who are ready to make real and lasting changes in their well-being. This transformative course will guide you step by step toward achieving your weight goals and experiencing optimal health. 

This program launches on January 1, 2024. 


Cleanse Challenge

We created this program to give you a step-by-step formula for increased energy and weight loss while decreasing belly bloat and allergy symptoms. And the best part juicing!

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