You’re unique and your health program should be too


I create personalized health re-building programs to meet each client’s unique needs so they can get back to feeling their best.  We work together to find out what is happening in your body and craft a plan that meets your needs and desired results for a realistic and sustainable path forward. 


Often doctors and other practitioners address only one issue or focus solely on relieving the symptoms, not the underlying cause, which leaves you feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, physically, and financially exhausted from trying SO many things that only work in the short term, if at all.


That’s why I take a different approach.  I give clients access to the right tests and resources to find what’s been missing so they can finally figure out what is wrong and get back to feeling like themselves. 


I offer three packages to meet your health and budget needs.  The duration and investment vary with each option based on how much support, accountability, and health investigation you need.  With each package, we will do the following:

  • Figure out what foods are best for your body. After all, just because a food is “healthy” doesn’t mean it’s necessarily right for your body.
  • Uncover H.I.D.D.E.N.® stressors (Hormone, Immune, Digestion, Detoxification, Elimination, and Neurotransmitters), often using functional lab testing.
  • Teach you how to tune into your body and give it exactly what it needs at any time so you can always feel your best no matter what life throws your way.


How My Coaching Programs Work


1. Complete intake forms and labs

The lab kits, if any are included in your package, will be shipped to you to be completed in the comfort of your home. While you wait for those kits to arrive, you will receive a few emails from me walking you through the next steps, including how to complete your intake forms. Once the intake forms are finished, and the results are back from all your labs, you will receive an email with a link to schedule your first session!


2. Results & Recommendations

Our first session will be a 60 or 90-minute Results & Recommendation Review session (depending on the package). This session will include a review of your intake forms as well as a detailed lab analysis to help you connect the dots between your symptoms and your lab results.


3. Supplements & Goal Setting

We’ll review your comprehensive diet and lifestyle protocol and any recommended supplements based on your lab results.  We’ll also set some goals designed around the health outcomes you’re looking to achieve. 


4. Follow-Up Sessions

We will meet every 2 to 4 weeks (depending on your progress and schedule) for 45-minute follow-up sessions. In these sessions, we'll evaluate your progress and troubleshoot if needed. Each session will have its own topic related to diet, rest, exercise, stress, or toxins.  You will receive a worksheet for each session and I'll provide you with accountability and guidance throughout your journey.


5. Reassessment Sessions

We’ll use the intake forms to track and evaluate your progress. This helps us make any necessary adjustments to your protocol to optimize your journey.  Oftentimes, we'll use follow-up lab testing.


6. Final Session

By this time, you’ve learned a model of self-care so you know how to tune into your body to give it exactly what it needs at any point in time so you can always feel your best.  In our final session, which may be combined with one of the sessions mentioned above, we will review ways to continue your success after our sessions have ended. 


Comprehensive health assessment through in-depth questionnaires, with optional lab testing for a deeper

Seven one-on-one sessions over 3 months, guiding you through tailored health strategies based on your current health status.


Detailed insight into your health via functional lab tests and questionnaires, focusing on hormones, immune system, digestion, and detox.

Personalized health-building program over 11 sessions across 6-8 months, ensuring support and accountability for effective lifestyle changes.

Total Transformation

Thorough health investigation using functional lab tests and questionnaires, diving deeper into potential imbalances in hormones, detox, digestion, and immune functions.

Customized food lists, transformative coaching, and lifestyle recommendations across 14 sessions over 9-12 months for a holistic health overhaul.